Country-ish Episodes

Ep. 176 – Machetes in the Karaoke Bar, National Pet Day, and I Give Away More of My Money!

Today’s show is like a pesky pet that is ferociously funny, cute, and cuddly, but can’t carry a tune. Before we start… Do you want to save money on food expenses this spring? EveryPlate helps you save money with delicious, affordable recipes delivered to your door.  Get more bang for your bite with America’s Best Value Meal Kit!  Every Plate is 25% cheaper than grocery shopping, with no hidden fees, so you can count on great value, week after week. Plus, only pay for what you need with pre-portioned ingredients. Get $1.49 per meal by going to and entering code “reep149”. That’s up to a $110 value! In BEST TRENDS… It’s National Pet Day! Do you have a pet? What’s your favorite pet of all time? Mine is an ice cream sandwich. JK… I know we’re talking about “pet” like the animal, not the dairy company. But I have a video

Ep. 175 – Kid Rock “Machine Guns” Beer, Someone Wins Jon’s Money, and a Florida Man Hides in Insulation!

Today’s show is like finding a hidden insulated Easter egg filled with Bud Light at Kid Rock’s house. It’s very explosive! In BEST TRENDS, some people “Shotgun” a Beer, but Kid Rock likes to “Machine Gun” beer.  Does Kid Rock hate cans?!? We talk about his latest social media video and his skills with a machine gun. It’s time for another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTOR’S GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? Three lucky listeners call in to guess the amount of a residual check I got for my work on JANE THE VIRGIN. Does Marcus Stamos have a secret twin who’s a choir singer? In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a Florida man breaks into a house and hides from cops in a pile of insulation. Did they find him? Is he itchy? Did you play Hide-n-Seek as a kid, and were you any good? Plus, I share some photos from my show in Winchester,

Ep. 174 – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ski Crash, HEMI Comeback, and Hot Browns from a Frisbee-Catching Dog!

Today’s show is like an out-of-control Kentucky Hot Brown on a Stick! In BEST TRENDS we talk about Gwyneth Paltrow and her infamous ski crash courtroom case. Who Plow-Trowed into who? And the crew talk about their own hijinks on ski slopes. Did you know it’s National “Food On a Stick Day”?  What other irrational national holidays are today? In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a frisbee-catching dog takes a big fat crap on a Kentucky basketball court. Talk about a Hot Brown! Intern Isaiah is here to share the story and all the dog and crap puns he can come up with. I’ve also got a bunch of residual checks to give away… so we play another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? Who’s going to win the check? Is it our newest listener from Ohio, or is it a famous retired college basketball coach? Live on Facebook and

Ep. 173 – Andrew Conn, 3-D Centerfolds and Second Chance Proms!

This week’s show is a bit of an intimate affair… just you and me (and producer The Alan Jackson) as the rest of the crew is out for the day. But it’s a formal, intimate, curious countdown episode! I share a video from a while back where two kids do their own versions of my old dance routines. Are you coming to my prom? The PROM 2: THE REDO is coming up April 15th. Get more info at We talk through some of today’s Irrational National Holidays… so happy National 3-D Day, happy National Fragrance Day, happy National Common Courtesy Day, and many more. Do we need cologne anymore? And what’s the drama behind the National California Strawberry Commission? And then comedian Andrew Conn joins me on WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO? to talk about his red hot comedy career, about being a high school basketball star, and how much he can

Ep. 172 – The Oscars, Small Town News, and Happy National Pi (Pie) Day!

Today’s show is like, “When the moon, hits your eye, like a big hairy pie. That’s a nastay!”It’s National Pie Day! Or, I meant to say National “PI” Day. What the hell is PI? And what other Irrational National holidays are today?  Check out this week’s show as we’re gonna make fun of them. In our Best Trends segment, we talk about the Oscars and Jimmy Kimmel’s performance as the host. And we have St. Patricks Day coming up. Who in our studio crew has a birthday on that awesome day In Small Town News, a guy In Grundy, VA got caught eating “hair pie” at a gas station. Happy Pi Day! And Happy Taco Tuesday! Intern Isaiah does a great job of sharing this story and even gets in a joke that gets a laugh out of the engineer booth. Also, I give away more of my hard-earned money in this week’s

Ep. 171 – Chris Rock, Train Derailments, Dogs Getting Busy in Church, and PB & KY Jelly Sandwiches!

Today’s show is going to make you happier two dogs slappin’ each other in church on a slippery, blue grassy knoll. Because at the end of the show I’m going to eat a Peanut Butter and KY Jelly Sandwich. Why would I do this? I explain the reason – and the joke behind – during the episode. And I’m dead cereal about it. Cause it’s National Cereal Day.  What other Irrational National Holidays are today? Check out the show as we’re gonna make fun of them. In Best Trends we’re gonna talk about Chris Rock’s New LIVE Netflix special. Who watched it? What did you think? Did he mess up a joke that got edited out of the recorded Netflix version? We also talk about other trainwrecks… I mean “derailments”. We talk about the problems Norfolk Southern is facing… but what about Suffolk Northern?!? In Small Town News, a priest was interrupted by two dogs humping in church. I’m pretty sure

Ep. 170 – Tooth Fairies, the Murdaugh Murders, and Buck Wild Deer!

Today’s show is very, very fairy. And ruthless and toothless! It’s National Tooth Fairy Day, what other Irrational National Holidays are today? Listen to the show, ’cause we’re gonna make fun of them. It’s Catherine Bach‘s birthday! The local Hickory television station – WHKY – is being sold to Jimmy Swaggart! And I saw the movie “Cocaine Bear”! In Best Trends, we’re gonna talk about the new film “Peter Pan & Wendy”. Why are people getting so mad about it? Plus, the Murdaugh trial is underway, which leads me to a great Meme I share with the audience. Oh, and Steven Seagal is in the news for being best friends with Putin. In Small Town News, yet another high school was vandalized and terrorized by a mad deer. Buckin’ crazy, man! What elk is new, doe? Also, my pal Marc Hunt was going to be here to play Goodwill Hunting, where we unbox gifts we got each other at a Goodwill. But he’s

Ep. 169 – Fat Tuesday, Chris Stapleton, Kenny Powers and an Animal Armageddon!

Today is Fat Tuesday!  So this episode is going to be like a big glutenous goat, who is eating deer meat at a Waffle House with Kenny Powers! Chris Stapleton did an awesome job with the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Some say it was the best since Whitney Houston.  So why is Darius Rucker pissed off? And what’s it got to do with hats? In Small Town News, two goats in Texas go to a Target and do a little aisle shopping. Then in Tennessee a deer busts through the windows of a high school. Even the animals know… it’s Armageddon.   In Best Trends, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. wins the Daytona 500. How did he celebrate? By visiting the Waffle Hous that evening. And is Patrick Mahomes turning into EASTBOUND & DOWN’s Kenny Powers?  It’s Irrational National Holliday Time! Happy Fastnacht Day! Happy Paczki Day! Happy National Sticky

Ep. 168 – Intimate Unidentified Streaking Humans, Full of Love!

It’s Valentine’s Day! And I got y’all some cards. Stick around! Me and Marcus Stamos will read them to ya in our most romantic, sexy voices. In Small Town News, a “streaker” steals the show at the 16th hole of a Golf Tournament. We’re gonna watch that video and rank his performance.  Was he really a streaker?  We need to come up with a different name for a streaker that’s not completely nude.  And why was the golf event called the “Waste Management” tournament? In our Best Trends segment, it’s all about UFO’S and our military shootin’ ‘em down.  Why are they here? What do they want?  And have any of our audience members ever seen one?  We bring in aircraft and military expert (and super friend of the show) Shane Flint to get us the information we need. And I’ve got more money to give away! Audience members call in for a chance to win one

Ep. 167 – Spy Balloons, Firefighters Set Breakfast on Fire, and Goodwill Hunting!

Welcome to Episode 167 of COUNTRY-ish.  And today’s show has lots of Zoomin’, tastes like Fettuccini, and is filled with Chinese Hot Air! I’m on the road and have to Zoom into the show, but hosting duties are handled by Sebastian, Intern Isaiah, and the rest of the COUNTRY-ish crew. In our Best Trends segment, we talk about the Chinese Spy Balloon! Why did it meet its end in Myrtle Beach?  And a special Happy Birthday to a friend of the show Garth Brooks! In Small Town News, Intern Isaiah shares a story about a group of firefighters that set their own breakfast on fire. Our friend Benny – who makes the Jon Reep Hot Sauce – calls in to share his own personal stories from the firehouse! And today is Feb 7th… what Irrational National Holidays are being celebrated today? Happy National Periodic Table Day and National Fettuccine Alfredo Day! And Marcus Stamos and Sebastian trade some gifts

Ep. 166 – King of the Hill Returns, Save the Pig, and Super Bowl Predictions!

Today’s show is Bass Ackwards and hotter than a smoked pig at a Texas BBQ. What did we think of the NFL division championship games? Who’s pulling for the Eagles in the Super Bowl, and who’s making the correct decision and cheering for the Chiefs? In Small Town News, there was a couple who won a pig at a fair but then were denied when they tried to bring it home alive. Sounds like a Bon Jovi song. In our Best Trends segment, the show King of Hill is trending. Dang it Bobby! Find out why, and find out which members of our crew have yet to see any episodes of this show! Today is National Backwards Day. AKA, Kris Kross Day, AKA Miggity Miggity Mac Daddy Day. What other Irrational National Holidays are today? And I’ve got money to give away. Lucky listeners call in to get a chance to win one of my Screen

Ep. 165 – Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood, Sexy M&Ms and DOOMSDAY!

It’s a brand-new year, and EveryPlate is here to help you achieve all of your resolutions.  EveryPlate helps you save money with delicious, affordable recipes delivered to your door.  Get $1.39 per meal by going to and entering code reep139. Diet Smoke makes federally legal, Premium THC products… delivered right to your door. Diet Smoke’s variety guarantees there’s a THC product for everyone. They’ve got blends with melatonin for sleep, or with caffeine for when you’re on the move. For COUNTRY-ish listeners, shop now at and use code REEP at checkout for 20% off your entire first order! This week’s show is like that Garth Brooks song “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” Why? Because DOOMSDAY is here. So grab a can of beer and eat all the peanut butter M&Ms you want. I share stories from my travels to Richmond VA and Nashville TN. Did I mention the dinner I had with country legends Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood? I

Ep. 164 – Passion of the Classy COUNTRY-ish 2: Electric Boogaloo!

It’s National Classy Day.  So I try my best to look classy on the show. How did I do? And what other Irrational National Holidays are today? I read a bunch of comments from last week and answer your questions, too.  Which leads us to talk about what type of jelly (or jam) is best with peanut butter for sandwiches? Is it Grape? Is it Strawberry? The debate gets pretty heated (not really). We also play a little Show-and-Tell.  Sebastian brings in some sort of contraption… that’s for cutting dies? But it has a piece missing… so it’s pretty much worthless. And I show off some toys and newspaper ads from my days as a Dodge spokesperson. Is there something in the future coming from Dodge? I made a TikTok video that’s got over 300,000 views… and it’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. But people are loving it. What’s the

Ep. 163 – Waffle House Wendy, Corey Feldman & Rockefeller Oysters… but Hold the Cleavage!

Today’s show is like a Seriously Slurpy Scuffle, that is Smothered and Covered… but Hold the Cleavage!  It’ll make sense when you see the show. It’s a brand-new year, and EveryPlate is here to help you achieve all of your resolutions. EveryPlate helps you save money with delicious, affordable recipes delivered to your door. Get $1.39 per meal by going to and entering code “reep139”! On this show, we’ve got “Waffle House Wendy” zooming in to for a chair-raising interview!  She’s the Waffle House cook that got into a fight with some rough customers and blocked a chair with a cool kung-fu move.  She talks to us about the incident and answers some Waffle House trivia.   What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a Waffle House? And in Best Trends, is Hooters banning boobs… because of millennials? We discuss. There may be more to the story than meets the eye.  That and

Ep. 162 – Inflatables Under Attack, Yellowstone’s Big Booty & Drinking Straw Day!

Today’s show is like a reindeer wearing bellbottoms, sipping on bullshit through a straw! It’s National Drinking Straw Day… so suck on that!  Why do I not like drinking straws? And have you ever wondered what exactly is the size of my mouth? You’ll get to find out. What other Irrational National Holidays are today? In BEST TRENDS, Yellowstone’s Lainey Wilson has her big, beautiful booty going viral. I hope it is contagious, ’cause it is Glory-Ass! And we put our COUNTRY-ish Artificial Intelligence to the test in coming up with a title for our segment to help attract more viewers. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a group of local deer put out a “hit” on a woman’s inflatable reindeer. And I think they should be rewarded. Cause inflatables are pretty horrible. And at the end of the show we take phone calls from the live audience as we play “Is It Legit or Bullshit?” I give

Ep. 161 – Bomb Cyclones, Waffle House Fights, and Fruitcakes from Cousin Eddie!

Happy National Fruitcake day, everyone! Do y’all eat that stuff? Does anyone?? Me and the boys try some live on the show and give our opinion. In BEST TRENDS, Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2900 flights because of the bomb cyclone. Sounds like a mixed drink. And a crazy fight broke out at a Waffle House. Based on the video we show, we think one of the waitresses has a future as a MMA fighter. Also, I got more residual checks to give away in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? We have some interesting callers this round… will Leroy win the check and use it to buy a ticket to come see me in Charlotte? In SMALL TOWN NEWS, some “Karen” in Kentucky called 911 because of a Cousin Eddie display someone put in their front yard. And my pal Marc Hunt is here, so we are

Ep. 160 – Christmas Songs, Mukbanging, and Inflatable Grinches!

Welcome to episode 160 of COUNTRY-ish! What’s your favorite Christmas song?  I share my favorites and we get responses from the rest of my COUNTRY-ish crew as well as some audience members.  But we also ask… what’s your least favorite Christmas song?  Spoiler: almost everyone chooses anything by Mariah Carey. In our HAYSEED GEN-Z segment, Intern Isaiah reviews a Christmas movie for us.  We’ve honestly never heard of this movie… but it has Kurt Russell in it, so it can’t be that bad… It’s time for some Mukbanging with Mom’osa!  We picked up food from a new breakfast place – Sunny Side – and do a special Mukbang: Home Edition.  What did we think of the rubbery waffles and tasteless burritos we got?  Watch to find out. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, an Arizona policeman ticketed someone for driving in the carpool lane… with an inflatable Grinch in the passenger seat. And I give

Ep. 159 – A.I. Jon Reep, Dirty Nursery Rhymes, and Elon Musk Gets Booed!

What’s up, Bumpkins!? Another great show for you today! In BEST TRENDS, Elon Musk gets booed at a Dave Chapelle show. Why? And I share some new headshots generated by Artificial Intelligence. Some of them are pretty cool… some of them, not so much. Our young intern Isaiah is back! What updates will we get from our young Hayseed Gen-Z? And do we dare have him recite some Andrew Dice Clay-style dirty nursery rhymes? Watch and listen to find out. It’s National Hot Cocoa Day… what other irrational national holidays are today? And have you picked out your Pathologist Pal? Today’s the day! I’ve got more Screen Actors Guild residual checks for y’all. Listen as live audience members called in for a chance to win my money! Today’s show is like a hot cup of cocoa served sunny side up! Live on Facebook and YouTube, Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm ET!

Ep. 158 – Soda Taste Test, Soccer Rants, and Favorite Christmas Movies with RENO COLLIER!

Jon is joined by fellow comedian RENO COLLIER in the studio for today’s episode of COUNTRY-ish! Reno takes the Ultimate Soft Drink Taste Test live in the studio!  Did he choose Sun Drop as his favorite?  And Jon discusses proper techniques for using bottles to relieve yourself while traveling. Jon shares today’s Irrational National Holidays, including National Microwave Day, National Coal Miner’s Day, and National Gazpacho Day.  What is Gazpacho, and what do Jon and Reno think about it? And in BEST TRENDS, Jon shares his experience watching and talking about the World Cup and Reno explains why he thinks soccer is a “wuss sport”.  Where do soccer viewers lean on the political spectrum?  Jon puts out a poll and announces the results. And what are Jon and Reno’s favorite Christmas movies?  And what famous Christmas movie is inspiring Jon’s upcoming holiday dinner? It’s a seriously, sunny, soccer-y fun show! Live on Facebook and YouTube, Tuesday nights at

Ep. 157 – World Cup Confusion, Cornhole Controversy, Residual Checks and Dry-Docking!

What Up Bumpkins? Welcome to episode 157 of COUNTRY-ish. Today’s show is gonna be like stuffing bean bags in your World Cup while kicking you in your cornhole as you’re dry-docking! It’s Giving Tuesday… did you give anything today? Do you give a shit? In BEST TRENDS, USA vs IRAN is trending on Twitter. Are we at war? I don’t know… but if it’s about soccer and the World Cup, I still don’t care. Marc and I have some questions about soccer… maybe sound engineer Moose can help us out. And in SMALL TOWN NEWS, the Cornhole world was rocked by a cheating scandal called “BagGate”. What happened? And what is the ACL (American Cornhole League” going to do about it? I got more money for y’all… so the audience calls in for a chance to win one of my Screen Actor’s Guild Residual Checks. How much is it and for what show