Country-ish Episodes

Ep. 4 – Sea Amigos Cruise, Residual Checks and Mac from WFNZ!

Today’s Carolina Reeper episode with Jon Reep is like a fanatical cruise ship captain sailing through the Caribbean! Lainey, Jon’s stepdaughter is in the house as co-host and we give away money in the How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check Game! Plus Mac from the Mac & Bone Show on 92.7 WFNZ Sports Radio Zoom’s in to join Jon to talk Carolina sports! Download and Listen to the CAROLINA REEPER with Jon Reep Podcast: Come see Jon LIVE in concert: Visit the MERCH shop: Find Jon online: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tiktok: Email:

Ep. 3 – Lake Hickory Haunts, Matthew Perry, and the Carolina Panthers Win!

Happy Halloween episode of CAROLINA REEPER with Jon Reep! Join us as we visit Lake Hickory Haunts, where I get in the makeup chair and meet some of the behind-the-scenes frighteners. But don’t call me “Chucky”! We also talk about the passing of Matthew Perry and how the Carolina Panthers have finally won a game! Download and Listen to the CAROLINA REEPER with Jon Reep Podcast: Come see Jon LIVE in concert: Visit the MERCH shop: Find Jon online: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tiktok: Email:

Ep. 2 – Taylor Swift, New Hot Peppers and Stand-Up in Lenoir!

Hoping to budget your food expenses this fall? Get more bang for your bite with America’s Best Value Meal Kit! EveryPlate has no hidden fees, so you can count on great value, week after week. Plus, only pay for what you need with pre-portioned ingredients. Get a meal for $1.49 by going to and entering code 49REEP. That’s up to a $110 value! Today’s show is like White Hot Wedding During a Cruel Summer! In Best Trends, a rude guest photobombed a bride’s wedding picture. Turns out it was not a nice day for a white wedding. And Taylor Swift’s is trending again… she’s having another Cruel Summer this fall.Plus we’re gonna talk about the show I just had in Lenoir. How did my intern Isaiah do? How did my redheaded stepdaughter do? Stick around we have highlights. In Small Town News, we’re gonna talk about the newest hottest pepper in

Ep. 1 – Oktoberfest, Three’s Company and Goodwill Hunting!

Today’s show is like … Three’s Company Oktoberfest on a Budget! Hey Ever’body! I’m back baby! Welcome to the first-ever CAROLINA REEPER Show! I went to downtown Hickory to quiz people about the history of Oktoberfest and I met some very interesting characters. We also remember TV legend Suzanne Somers, talk a little Taylor Swift, and play the Goodwill Hunting game. Download and Listen to the CAROLINA REEPER with Jon Reep Podcast: Come see Jon LIVE in concert: Visit the MERCH shop: Find Jon online: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tiktok: Email:

SHOW FINALE – Britney Spears Dances with Knives and Taylor Swift Dates a Chief!

Today’s show is like a poor man’s knife dancing Taylor Swift! In Best Trends, we talk about Britney Spears dancing with knives and Taylor Swift dating a Chief. Plus, I’ve got some ideas on how I’d like to see the game of football change. I premiere my new video and song for POOR MEN SOUTH OF PORTLAND, with a tip of the hat to Anthony Oliver his song RICH MEN NORTH OF RICHMOND. Also, I’ve got lots more money to give away.  I got a whole bunch of Residual Checks to give out to our loyal Patreon listeners… and we even zoom them into the show to compete! It’s the last episode of COUNTRY-ish… stay tuned for the CAROLINA REEPER, coming soon!

Ep. 194 – Aaron Rodgers, Fantasy Football, Crabwalkin’ Convicts, and Actors Guild Residual Checks!

Today’s show is like a creepy, crabby wall-crawler! In Best Trends, we talk about the manhunt for the escaped prisoner in Pennsylvania.  Did you see how he escaped? Guy pulled a crabwalk up a prison wall to get out. And now he’s on the loose… so watch out. We talk a little Fantasy Football with the NFL season starting up. Did you see Aaron Rodgers go down four plays into his season with the New York Jets? What’s everyone’s thoughts on that? I catch everyone up on my trip to Nashville where I performed at the Grand Ole Opry, performed at a charity with the Nashville Predators, and had lunch at Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s place! Also, I’ve got more money to give away.  I’ve got another Screen Actors Guild Residual Check to give away to a lucky listener. How much is it? And which of our lucky listeners will get chosen by the

Ep. 193 – Burning Man, Cheese Pizza Day, and Poor Men South of Portland!

We’re back baby! Join us for an All NEW COUNTRY-ish Show! We talk about Oliver Anthony and his song “Rich Men North of Richmond”. I have some new lyrics for the song I’m writing – called “Poor Men South of Portland”. I sing them live on the show; leave me a comment letting me know what you think. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, Burning Man getting extinguished! What is Burning Man, and why are all these people stranded out in the desert in one big mud pie mosh pit? In BEST TRENDS, Clemson gets embarrassed by Duke in their first game of the season? I’m an NC State fan… so I don’t care. But it’s always nice to see a big-ranked team fall early. It’s National CHEESE PIZZA DAY, so we enjoy some slices to celebrate. It’s also National BE LATE FOR SOMETHING DAY… so Intern Isaiah celebrates by not showing up on time

Ep. 192 – Alabama Barbie Brawls while Dry Docking on a Pansexual River!

Today’s show is like an Alabama Barbie Brawl on a Pansexual River! In SMALL TOWN NEWS, in Montgomery, Alabama a huge WWE-style brawl went down on a “Rifffpher” boat dock! Who won? Who lost? Who started it? We’ll get into it with a play-by-play analysis. And my pal Marc Hunt thinks there should have been some “dry docking” going on to help things settle down. In BEST TRENDS, Bill Maher slams the new Barbie movie and Wayne Brady announces he is a pansexual. There’s some confusion in the studio as to what that means… so we have to discuss. And, since my pal Marc Hunt is here we’re gonna play GOODWILL HUNTING as we unbox gifts with got each other at a Goodwill. Live on Facebook and YouTube, Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm ET! Join actor/comedian Jon Reep on his weekly show COUNTRY-ish, where he and his crew talk about the latest BEST TRENDS, share some SMALL TOWN NEWS, and play games

Ep. 191 – Pee Wee’s Big Top Bottom Feeding Adventure

In Small Town News, a health clinic in Missouri named after a guy named Lester E. Cox, sponsored a “Bottom Feeding Fish Festival”. And they called it Cox Sucker Days!  And it’s not a joke. Sign me up. In Best Trends, we lost a real loner, a rebel. Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) passed away. So we shall remember him on the show.  Did you like Pee Wee Herman? What were your favorite moments from his TV show or movies? And who played the mailman on Pee Wee’s Playhouse? Also, I’ve got more Screen Actors Guild Residual Checks to give away to a lucky listener. Live viewers get to call in and compete for a chance to win my check, or possibly choose a prize from the Mystery Box! Plus we talk about Isaiah doing stand-up for the first time, Jon’s shows in Springfield, MO, and does Sebastian have a new car?

Ep. 190 – Hickory Water Scandals, Twitter is X, Residual Checks, and Goodwill Hunting!

Bumpkins! It’s episode 190 of Country-ish! This is going to be ON the chain! It’s like a refreshing ice-cold bottle of Goodwill water. In Small Town News, rabble-rousers from Newton decided to chain a cooler full of water bottles…right next to a public water fountain in downtown Hickory! Why? We’re gonna get into it. In Best Trends, Twitter X’d out the bird, and sad news, Donnie Baker has sadly passed away.  Listen in as we play with our live audience the How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check Game! Our pal Marc Hunt is here so we’re gonna play Goodwill Hunting, as we unbox gifts with got each other at a Goodwill. Live on Facebook and YouTube, Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm ET! Join actor/comedian Jon Reep on his weekly show COUNTRY-ish, where he and his crew talk about the latest BEST TRENDS, share some SMALL TOWN NEWS, and play games with the live

Ep. 189 – Jason Aldean & Miranda Lambert Getting Hot and RFK Jr Disses Chick-Fil-A!

Today’s show is going to be very intimate.  It’s like being stuck on a hot deserted island with me in the tropics. It’s just me and producer The Alan Jackson in the studio. In Best Trends, we’re gonna talk about Miranda Lambert and Jason Aldean getting all heated.  Miranda is mad at audience members for taking selfies while she’s singing. And Jason Aldean leaves a stage due to heat exhaustion, while also releasing a song and video that’s getting him in some hot water. Also, why is RFK, Jr. dissing on Chick-Fil-A? He’s mentioned them a couple of times and using their name as an example of eating unhealthy. What’s the deal? He ever heard of Burger King? Or Arby’s?? Also, I got more residual checks to give away. Lucky live listeners call in for a chance to guess the amount and win my money! It’s National Tropical Fruit Day. So I’m

Ep. 188 – Oompa Loompas, 7-11 Slurpees, and Killer Nurses!

Do you like Food? Would you like to pay less for great food?  Get more bang for your bite with America’s Best Value Meal Kit! Every Plate is 25% cheaper than grocery shopping, with no hidden fees, so you can count on great value, week after week. Plus, only pay for what you need with pre-portioned ingredients. Get $1.49 per meal by going to and entering the code 49reep. That’s $1.49 per meal by going to That’s up to a $110 value! Live from Hickory it’s Episode 188 of Country-ish! This show is like a deadly, Oompa Loompa Orgasm at a 7-Eleven! 7-11 is giving away free Slurpees on July 11. We had to travel to get there but we got them and man did Intern Isiah get more than he bargained for this time… Stick around to find out what happens! It’s a family affair when Mom’osa calls in to give a Popsicle update…

Ep. 187 – Grimace Milkshakes, Fishing for Stolen Jeeps, and Residual Checks!

Live from Hickory, it’s episode 187 of Country-ish! Today’s show is like Blind Grimace Driving a Jeep Under Water While Wearing Sun Glasses because of his Glaucoma! In Best Trends, Grimace from Mcdonald’s now has his own purple milkshake. Is it any good? What is a Grimace anyway? We’re gonna find out… you won’t want to miss how this turns out here in the studio! In Small Town News, a Kansas man reels in a big one during a fishing trip… it turns out to be a stolen Jeep from 1990 and surrounded by Crappies!? We also are going to give away my money in the “How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check Game”! It’s a little bit country… but a whole lot of fun. Live on Facebook and YouTube, Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm ET! Join actor/comedian Jon Reep on his weekly show COUNTRY-ish, where he and his crew talk about the latest

Ep. 186 – A Classic COUNTRY-ish! Nate Bargatze, A Big Residual Check Game, IKEA Sleepovers!

Hey, guys! We didn’t have a new, live episode of COUNTRY-ish this week… my Mom’osa had surgery and I’m tending to her tonight. So instead, how about you enjoy this classic episode of COUNTRY-ish with special guests Nate Bargatze, Steve Jessup, and the biggest Residual Check winner in history? See you next week! In this classic episode, Jon shares stories and pictures from his recent travels to Virginia Beach and Nashville where he spent some time with STEVE BYRNE, THEO VON, and others. Jon also shares a follow-up on his discussion about Kid Rock’s new song and video, with special commentary from STEVE JESSUP! There’s a special version of the “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” game, where Jon has to give away the largest check in the game’s history! Jon welcomes NATE BARGATZE to the show in “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”, as they talk about Nate’s latest Grammy nomination, what Spotify

Ep. 185 – Hickory IHOP Brawl, Fathers Day Gifts, and a Rhode Island Sex Toy Thief!

Choose EveryPlate over takeout to save money while still enjoying quick, satisfying meals. Their meals are 50% cheaper than your average fast casual meal.  Put the money you save towards making fun summer plans! Get $1.49 per meal by going to and entering code “reep49”. Welcome to Episode 185 of Country-ish. Crazy right? This episode is like a perverted, problematic parent at a Hickory House of Pancakes. In Best Trends, comedian Matt Rife is trending “Rife now”! What’s up with this guy? Who’s the sexier comedian? And does he recall the photo shoot we did together? Listen to find out! A huge brawl breaks out at the IHOP in Hickory…  Plus! What are the Best Father’s Day Gifts?!  In Small Town News… A Rhode Island man has been allegedly going house to house stealing sex toys!  How does he know which houses have sex toys!? The town may be small, but the toys are probably huge. And

Ep. 184 – D-Day, Bert Kreischer, Goodwill Hunting and a Wannabe Actor Plays Dead for a Year!

In BEST TRENDS, today we remember D-Day. Seventy-nine years ago today we liberated Europe from the Nazis. Sprichst du Deutsch? Well, you don’t have to, thanks to ‘Merica.  You’re welcome. With Russia in the news and Bert Kreischer’s movie THE MACHINE in theaters, we play part of an interview I had with Bert where we talked about Russian penpals. Check out COUNTRYISH CLASSICS, coming soon, to hear an entire interview with Bert and others. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a man from Kentucky pretended to be dead for 321 days to reach his goal of getting cast on CSI: Las Vegas. That’s Dead-a-cation. I’ve got more Screen Actors Guild residual checks to give away. Some lucky listeners call in and take a crack at guessing the amount of the check… the closest one wins the check! This week’s game has some controversy… did the algorithm machine mess up this time and pick the wrong winner? Also,

Ep. 183 – The Hillbillies, The Machine, and Kentucky Butt-Shot Hot Pockets!

Today’s show is like a hectic Hillbilly Hot Pocket in your Cornhole. In BEST TRENDS, “The Hillbillies” are trending… and not the ones from Beverly.  Who are they? What are they doing? And why don’t I like it? I ask my Gen-Z crew members to convince me why I should like “The Hillbillies” and their new song, but I’m not sure they are able to. My new red-headed step-daughter Laney calls in to play a new little game with us… NAME THAT MOVIE! She saw a movie recently… and tries her best to describe the movie to our Country-ish crew and see if anyone can guess what movie she saw. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a Kentucky guy shoots his roommate in the butt over a Hot Pocket. So he shot him in the back pocket.  Do you like Hot Pockets? Would you shoot someone to have one? Intern Isaiah shares this story with

Ep. 182 – Carlos Navarro, a NASCAR Fight and a Classic Video Game Showdown!

Today’s show is like a video game where the Walking Dead are wearing a tracksuit! Our own Mark Hav-an-8-Balls-Deep played hero again, as he got involved with a fight that broke out at a recent NASCAR race in North Wilkesboro. We’ve got photo proof that he was right there in the thick of it. We hear Mark’s take on the fight from his ringside perspective. From the TV show THE WALKING DEAD and the Disney Marvel series HAWKEYE we’ve got actor/comedian/radio host Carlos Navarro on the show. You’re gonna love him.  We talk about how he got started acting, his challenges, and what it’s like to be part of the Marvel Universe. Plus my young, Hayseed Gen Z, Intern Isaiah and I play a classic video game from my youth. What game did we play? And what did Isaiah think of it? Let’s just say he ran into some… pitfalls… when playing the game.

Ep. 181 – Martha Stewart, Miller Lite, Mike Goodwin & Cows in Hot Pursuit!

Today’s show is like a sexy herd of snitching cows wearing swimsuits! This week’s SMALL TOWN NEWS is from Boone NC where a herd of cows helped the police in a high-stakes hot pursuit. I think you’ll find this story “a-moosing”. In BEST TRENDS, has Miller Lite gone woke as well? They have a new ad out catering to women… are we all cool with this? And Martha Stewart is the new 81-year-old Sport Illustrated swimsuit cover model and smoking hot in her photos. I ask the question: Martha Stewart… would you? I tried out ChatGPT to see if it could write a new standup routine for me. How did it do? Listen to the show as I read out my new Artificially Intelligent stand-up bit. In WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO? very funny comedian Mike Goodwin is gonna join us to talk about his start in comedy, his worst gig ever, and why he decided to rock the bowtie.

Ep. 180 – De Niro’s Baby, Gas Station Fried Chicken and Wrestlin’ Video Game Competition!

EveryPlate provides plenty of delicious variety so you’ll never get stuck in a cooking rut. With 26 tasty and affordable recipes to choose from each week, it’s easy to find something for everyone. Plus, find delicious options all day long with up to 22 sides, snacks, desserts, and more! Plus, you never have to worry about what’s for dinner–we’ll plan it for you! Get $1.49 per meal by going to and entering code “reep149”  Today’s show is like a newborn baby on Mothers Day who eats Fried Chicken and plays Video Games in a new house…?? In BEST TRENDS, legendary actor Robert De Niro just had his seventh baby… at 79 years old! How old is too old to have a kid? And what is DeNiro’s worst film? I answer those questions on the show with the help of Marcus Stamos and Mark Hav-an-8-Balls-Deep. It’s my Mom’s birthday, so we did a little Mukbang segment