Ep. 10 – A Tepper Tantrum, a Hotel Hangover, Ian Ziering Gets Jumped and a Pop-Tart Sacrifice!

Today’s show will make you want to throw a drink at a mini bike while passed out in a hotel hallway!

In Best Trends… Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper throws another Tepper Tantrum when he tosses a drink at a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. Pretty soon he’ll be on Desperate Housewives. We get a play-by-play of the incident and I put out a call for ideas on how to get this guy fired.

And, Beverly Hills 90120 alum Ian Ziering gets jumped by a gang of mini bikers in Los Angeles.  Was it the Hell’s Angels? Or the Miniature Mongols?

And did you see NC State lose the Pop-Tart Bowl last week? And even worse, did you see the Pop-Tart mascot sacrifice himself so he could be eaten by the winning team? We have video proof.

We also play another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK?, where one of our lucky random listeners wins one of my huge residual checks for work I did on the show AMERICAN DAD. It’s a big one… get ready for this check amount.

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