Ep. 9 – Have Yourself a Merry Christmas Colonoscopy!

Today’s show is like rocking around a Christmas colonoscopy… or should I call it a “Christmoscopy”?

I got a colonoscopy coming up my butt this week, so me and my buddies talk about it on the show.

In Best Trends, Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” hits No. 1 65 Years After Its Release. Why? How?  Does this mean we don’t have to hear Mariah Carey anymore?

Also, I got another residual check in the mail, so we’re gonna play another round of How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check? and give the check to some lucky listener.

We talk Carolina Panthers, a gig I did in Virginia for the smallest crowd I’ve ever performed for, Hickory being the “World’s Greatest City”, and our favorite Christmas movies.

Question for you: What is the Best & Worst Christmas gift you ever received?

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