Ep. 190 – Hickory Water Scandals, Twitter is X, Residual Checks, and Goodwill Hunting!

Bumpkins! It’s episode 190 of Country-ish! This is going to be ON the chain! It’s like a refreshing ice-cold bottle of Goodwill water.

In Small Town News, rabble-rousers from Newton decided to chain a cooler full of water bottles…right next to a public water fountain in downtown Hickory! Why? We’re gonna get into it.

In Best Trends, Twitter X’d out the bird, and sad news, Donnie Baker has sadly passed away. 

Listen in as we play with our live audience the How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check Game!

Our pal Marc Hunt is here so we’re gonna play Goodwill Hunting, as we unbox gifts with got each other at a Goodwill.

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