Ep. 8 – Mahomes Goes Bezerk, a One-Legged Gunman Escapes, and Show Your Meat!

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Today’s show is crazier than a one-legged man throwing a conniption fit and meaner than Patrick Mahomes during a sideline meltdown.

In Best Trends, Patrick Mahomes went berzerk after losing to the Bills. Was he justified?  Have we ever seen Mahomes so mad?

In Small Town News, in Garner, NC a one-legged gunman escapes after robbing an Uber driver.  We have to ask the question… how did he get away?

We also have a special guest in the studio from South Africa who helps us understand the ginger kid dancing video we showed last week. Is the kid trying to “wys jou vleis” (show his meat)?

Also, I’ve got another residual check so we’re gonna play another round of How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check? One of our lucky callers will win my check if they guess the closest to the amount.

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