Ep. 191 – Pee Wee’s Big Top Bottom Feeding Adventure

In Small Town News, a health clinic in Missouri named after a guy named Lester E. Cox, sponsored a “Bottom Feeding Fish Festival”. And they called it Cox Sucker Days!  And it’s not a joke. Sign me up.

In Best Trends, we lost a real loner, a rebel. Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) passed away. So we shall remember him on the show.  Did you like Pee Wee Herman? What were your favorite moments from his TV show or movies? And who played the mailman on Pee Wee’s Playhouse?

Also, I’ve got more Screen Actors Guild Residual Checks to give away to a lucky listener. Live viewers get to call in and compete for a chance to win my check, or possibly choose a prize from the Mystery Box!

Plus we talk about Isaiah doing stand-up for the first time, Jon’s shows in Springfield, MO, and does Sebastian have a new car?

All this and a whole lot more on this week’s COUNTRY-ish with Jon Reep!

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