Ep. 13 – Is the NFL Rigged? Busey’s Buttered Sausages, WWE2K24, and National Pie Day!

Welcome to Carolina Reeper! It’s like a PM Magazine from the Carolinas on the Crack Corn!

And in this PARTICULARLY PECULIAR PODCAST, we PLAYFULLY PONDER over a PICTURE of Gary Busey, PARTAKE in the PLEASURES of National PIE Day, and PASSIONATELY PROBE whether the NFL PLAYOFFS are as Fixed, Fabricated, or Fictitiously scripted as PROFESSIONAL Wrestling PAGEANTRY. Did you get all that?

In Best Trends, WWE2K24 is trending… and no, that’s not a new Star Wars character. It’s a video game, so Intern Isaiah is going to fill us in on what’s going on and who made the cover of the game this year.

We talk about the NFL Playoffs and ask the controversial question: Is the NFL rigged? There’s some conspiracy theories floating around… with some video evidence and color scheme strangeness. And even Taylor Swift’s not able to get away from those conspiracies, as it looked like a Buffalo Bills fan might have hacked her concert sound system! What do you think?

We also share a picture of me, Gary Busey and Dusty Slay and ask the audience to “MEME ME” (or Caption This).

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