Ep. 27 – Bigfoot, Buttermilk Biscuits and Goodwill Hunting!

Welcome to the all-new Carolina Reeper show! This episode is going to be generous, kind-hearted, and compassionate. By the way…It’s National Decency Day. Have you no decency sir!?

Also, we’re going to talk about buttermilk biscuits, bigfoot, and hygiene routines… You’ll not want to miss this segment!

Also, my pal Marcus Stamos is in the house so we’re going to play Goodwill Hunting… we’ll exchange and unbag $5 gifts we picked up for each other at Goodwill. Big thanks to Goodwill for being a key part of our show!

We unveil the new Jon Reep burger at Hickory Social House… It’s the Jon un-REEP-eatable BBQ Cheeseburger with South In Ya Mouth BBQ sauce!

Plus, I’ve got more residual checks here. Someone is going to win my money!

All that and we’ll get a history lesson from our favorite hayseed Gen-Z, Intern Isaiah.

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