Ep. 23 – The Partial Eclipse of the Heart, Idiotic TikTok’s and Residual Checks for Everyone!

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It’s an ALL-NEW CAROLINA REEPER Show! Today’s episode is like a Weird Al Yankovich song about Bonnie Tyler’s song, It’s A Partial Eclipse of Our Star!  We’re gonna laugh at some Idiotic TikTok’s and I’m gonna give away some money in the How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check segment!

Did you watch the Eclipse? What’d ya think? Is the Moon really made of cheese? Marcus Stamos weighs in!

Plus! We talk about NC State’s great run into the final four and we finalize the Bylaws and Mandates Hereby Enacted for the Governance of Rooting in Collegiate Athletics and the Official Classification and Precedence of Collegiate Athletic Supporters

Also, we review last week’s comments… Did you Catch the new Roadhouse Movie? What did you think?

All this on a brand new CAROLINA REEPER Show!

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