Ep. 20 – Wolfpack Basketball, Idiotic TikToks and Mukbanging with Mom’osa!

Almost LIVE, from Hickory! It’s an All NEW Carolina Reeper Show!

This episode is like a Hungry Pack of Wolves, Feasting on a Helpless Little Baby Ram Lamb.

Did you watch the ACC tournament? Who won? Did I piss you off with my video posts?

We’re gonna share some of our favorite Idiotic TikTok videos and see what my co-host Intern Isaiah, our resident Hayseed Gen-Z, has to say about them.

And we have a new “Mukbanging with Mom’osa”. What did we eat on National Pi Day?

Plus, I have more Residual Checks to give away in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK?

It’s a championship-caliber episode!

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