Ep. 16 – Idiotic TikToks, National Comfy Day, and Curb Your Enthusiasm!

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In today’s cozy little episode, we’re embracing National Comfy Day! So slide on your favorite slippers, grab a warm drink, and join us as chat about Curb, Residual Checks, and Idiotic TikToks!

Did you catch me on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM? I talk about the experience of working with Larry David and some great feedback I got from a comedy legend.

We introduce a new segment where I share some “Idiotic Tik-Toks” I found on the internet. Lots of people falling, throwing cats, and a really mean one that’s still pretty funny.

RIP Toby Keith, No Drinking Until St. Patrick’s Day, and a really flattering voice message from a listener who loved my Taylor Swift video.

Plus, we give away some of my money in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? The winner of this week’s check makes an important decision… keep the check or trade it in for what’s in the Mystery Wal-Mart Bag of Merchandise?

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