Ep. 15 – King Charles, Napoleon, Olde Hickory Brewery and Goodwill Hunting!

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In this episode, we Hurl into a Huge Heap of Hilarious Happenings.  We Heroically Hunt down the most Goofy Gifts from a Goodwill. Plus, Patrick Mahomes Dad Drives Directly into another DWI Debacle. It’s Delightful!

In BEST TRENDS, Patrick Mahomes Sr. was arrested – again – for a DWI. We share our own experiences with DWIs (or is it DUI?), and try to make sense of all the acronyms.
Also, we discuss the news that King Charles may have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Kind of sucks for the ‘ole King… he’s only been on the throne for about 18 months. And he had to wait forever to become King. We spend more time trying to understand what a prostate is, though.

We share a video I did with comedian Steve Byrne where we got coffee colonics… talk about the UNC versus Duke basketball game, and how I’m going to be on this season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. And what bothered me about the movie NAPOLEON? Listen and find out.

And we also pay a visit to the local Olde Hickory Brewery and talk to it’s Brew Master, while I also show a new commercial for my BBQ sauce.

Plus, we play another round of GOODWILL HUNTING, where Marcus Stamos and I trade gifts we got each other from our local Goodwill store. Download and Listen to the CAROLINA REEPER with Jon Reep Podcast:

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