Ep. 189 – Jason Aldean & Miranda Lambert Getting Hot and RFK Jr Disses Chick-Fil-A!

Today’s show is going to be very intimate.  It’s like being stuck on a hot deserted island with me in the tropics. It’s just me and producer The Alan Jackson in the studio.

In Best Trends, we’re gonna talk about Miranda Lambert and Jason Aldean getting all heated.  Miranda is mad at audience members for taking selfies while she’s singing. And Jason Aldean leaves a stage due to heat exhaustion, while also releasing a song and video that’s getting him in some hot water.

Also, why is RFK, Jr. dissing on Chick-Fil-A? He’s mentioned them a couple of times and using their name as an example of eating unhealthy. What’s the deal? He ever heard of Burger King? Or Arby’s??

Also, I got more residual checks to give away. Lucky live listeners call in for a chance to guess the amount and win my money!

It’s National Tropical Fruit Day. So I’m having a Sun Drop-ito: it’s a Mojito made with Sun Drop. A Mojito is usually white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. But instead of lime juice and soda water…just use Sun Drop.

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