Ep. 187 – Grimace Milkshakes, Fishing for Stolen Jeeps, and Residual Checks!

Live from Hickory, it’s episode 187 of Country-ish! Today’s show is like Blind Grimace Driving a Jeep Under Water While Wearing Sun Glasses because of his Glaucoma!

In Best Trends, Grimace from Mcdonald’s now has his own purple milkshake. Is it any good? What is a Grimace anyway? We’re gonna find out… you won’t want to miss how this turns out here in the studio!

In Small Town News, a Kansas man reels in a big one during a fishing trip… it turns out to be a stolen Jeep from 1990 and surrounded by Crappies!?

We also are going to give away my money in the “How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check Game”!

It’s a little bit country… but a whole lot of fun.

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