Ep. 186 – A Classic COUNTRY-ish! Nate Bargatze, A Big Residual Check Game, IKEA Sleepovers!

Hey, guys! We didn’t have a new, live episode of COUNTRY-ish this week… my Mom’osa had surgery and I’m tending to her tonight. So instead, how about you enjoy this classic episode of COUNTRY-ish with special guests Nate BargatzeSteve Jessup, and the biggest Residual Check winner in history? See you next week!

In this classic episode, Jon shares stories and pictures from his recent travels to Virginia Beach and Nashville where he spent some time with STEVE BYRNETHEO VON, and others.

Jon also shares a follow-up on his discussion about Kid Rock’s new song and video, with special commentary from STEVE JESSUP!

There’s a special version of the “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” game, where Jon has to give away the largest check in the game’s history!

Jon welcomes NATE BARGATZE to the show in “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”, as they talk about Nate’s latest Grammy nomination, what Spotify is doing to comedians, and Christmas decorations.

In “Small Town News”, shoppers are forced to stay and sleep in an IKEA store due to a snowstorm outside.  Have you ever been snowed in somewhere?

It’s a snowy, Grammy, thousand-dollar kind of show this week!

Join actor/comedian Jon Reep for his weekly show COUNTRY-ish with special guest NATE BARGATZE!

Plus, Jon has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, live on tonight’s show! Jon and his crew explore the latest BEST TRENDS, play games with audience members, share some SMALL TOWN NEWS, and interviews with celebrities!

It’s a little bit country… but a whole lot of fun.