Ep. 185 – Hickory IHOP Brawl, Fathers Day Gifts, and a Rhode Island Sex Toy Thief!

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Welcome to Episode 185 of Country-ish. Crazy right? This episode is like a perverted, problematic parent at a Hickory House of Pancakes.

In Best Trends, comedian Matt Rife is trending “Rife now”! What’s up with this guy? Who’s the sexier comedian? And does he recall the photo shoot we did together? Listen to find out!

A huge brawl breaks out at the IHOP in Hickory…  Plus! What are the Best Father’s Day Gifts?! 

In Small Town News… A Rhode Island man has been allegedly going house to house stealing sex toys!  How does he know which houses have sex toys!? The town may be small, but the toys are probably huge.

And in our How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check segment, we give away my money for appearing in Eastbound and Down on HBO!

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