Ep. 184 – D-Day, Bert Kreischer, Goodwill Hunting and a Wannabe Actor Plays Dead for a Year!

In BEST TRENDS, today we remember D-Day. Seventy-nine years ago today we liberated Europe from the Nazis. Sprichst du Deutsch? Well, you don’t have to, thanks to ‘Merica.  You’re welcome.

With Russia in the news and Bert Kreischer’s movie THE MACHINE in theaters, we play part of an interview I had with Bert where we talked about Russian penpals. Check out COUNTRYISH CLASSICS, coming soon, to hear an entire interview with Bert and others.

In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a man from Kentucky pretended to be dead for 321 days to reach his goal of getting cast on CSI: Las Vegas. That’s Dead-a-cation.

I’ve got more Screen Actors Guild residual checks to give away. Some lucky listeners call in and take a crack at guessing the amount of the check… the closest one wins the check! This week’s game has some controversy… did the algorithm machine mess up this time and pick the wrong winner?

Also, my pal Marc Hunt is here so we play GOODWILL HUNTING as we unbox gifts with got each other at a local Goodwill.  Marc gives me an amazing gift that’s the latest cutting-edge technology… eat your heart out, Apple Computer!

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