Ep. 183 – The Hillbillies, The Machine, and Kentucky Butt-Shot Hot Pockets!

Today’s show is like a hectic Hillbilly Hot Pocket in your Cornhole.

In BEST TRENDS, “The Hillbillies” are trending… and not the ones from Beverly.  Who are they? What are they doing? And why don’t I like it? I ask my Gen-Z crew members to convince me why I should like “The Hillbillies” and their new song, but I’m not sure they are able to.

My new red-headed step-daughter Laney calls in to play a new little game with us… NAME THAT MOVIE! She saw a movie recently… and tries her best to describe the movie to our Country-ish crew and see if anyone can guess what movie she saw.

In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a Kentucky guy shoots his roommate in the butt over a Hot Pocket. So he shot him in the back pocket.  Do you like Hot Pockets? Would you shoot someone to have one? Intern Isaiah shares this story with us and does his best to make it entertaining… but it’s tough.

Also, I got one of my Screen Actors Guild Residual Checks to give away to one lucky live listener! We bring in live listeners at random to make a guess as to the amount of the check, and the closest one wins. This week’s check is from EASTBOUND AND DOWN!

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