Ep. 181 – Martha Stewart, Miller Lite, Mike Goodwin & Cows in Hot Pursuit!

Today’s show is like a sexy herd of snitching cows wearing swimsuits!

This week’s SMALL TOWN NEWS is from Boone NC where a herd of cows helped the police in a high-stakes hot pursuit. I think you’ll find this story “a-moosing”.

In BEST TRENDS, has Miller Lite gone woke as well? They have a new ad out catering to women… are we all cool with this? And Martha Stewart is the new 81-year-old Sport Illustrated swimsuit cover model and smoking hot in her photos. I ask the question: Martha Stewart… would you?

I tried out ChatGPT to see if it could write a new standup routine for me. How did it do? Listen to the show as I read out my new Artificially Intelligent stand-up bit.

In WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO? very funny comedian Mike Goodwin is gonna join us to talk about his start in comedy, his worst gig ever, and why he decided to rock the bowtie.

Also, I’ve got money to give away in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? Live audience members call in for a chance to win one of my checks or something from the Mystery Box of Mysteries.

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