Ep. 180 – De Niro’s Baby, Gas Station Fried Chicken and Wrestlin’ Video Game Competition!

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Today’s show is like a newborn baby on Mothers Day who eats Fried Chicken and plays Video Games in a new house…??

In BEST TRENDS, legendary actor Robert De Niro just had his seventh baby... at 79 years old! How old is too old to have a kid? And what is DeNiro’s worst film? I answer those questions on the show with the help of Marcus Stamos and Mark Hav-an-8-Balls-Deep.

It’s my Mom’s birthday, so we did a little Mukbang segment as I took her out for a meal. We visited B & B Food Store… it’s a gas station that happens to serve really good fried chicken! See what Mom’osa and I thought of this place.

Then me and Intern Isaiah play each other in a video game. Isaiah got to pick this week’s game… he picked WWE 2k23, a game I know nothing about and have never even seen. Who’s going to win this week’s game? And next week I get to choose a classic game for Isaiah to play… what will the game be?

I have some Screen Actors Guild Residual Checks to give away; three lucky listeners call in during the live show and get to make their guesses as to the amount of the check. Who’s going to win? And are they going to choose to get the check, or do they want something from the Mystery Box of Mystery?

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