Ep. 179 – Steve Jessup, Joel Fry, the Mullet Brothers and National Teachers Day!

Today’s show is like a Ginger teacher with a mullet who also has a brother that runs a Taxidermy Bar and Grill. It might get wild in here!

My brother from another mother – country music singer Joel Frye is gonna join me to world premiere his new music video “Mullet Brothers (Taxidermy Bar and Grill)”. The video features me and “The DUI Lawn Mower Guy” Steve Jessup.

Steve Jessup finally makes his way to the studio, so the three of us talk about the idea of opening up our own bar, the Bud Light controversy, and all the drugs Steve has taken.

And in Best Trends, it’s National Teacher Appreciation Day. So I’ll give a couple of shout-outs to my favorite teachers. Who was your favorite teacher and why?

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