Ep. 178 – Mean Jon Reep, Hero Interns, Residual Checks and Frying Pan Attacks!

Word up Peeps! It’s episode 178 of Country-ish. Today’s show is like a mean meme created by an angry artificial intelligence using a frying pan! What does that mean? Stick around to find out!

In BEST TRENDS, I’ve lost my blue checkmark on Twitter and now there’s already a Mean Jon Reep account. He’s an a-hole! Do not follow this guy!

Do you know who isn’t an a-hole? Our own intern Mark Have an 8 Balls Deep, who is our own local hero. Recently Mark made the news for stopping a rape in progress!

I’m giving away more of my money in the How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check segment!

And! In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a Florida Woman beats a sleeping man with a frying pan!

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