Ep. 177 – Surprise Weddings, Goodwill Hunting, Free Money and #SoIsTheBaby!

Today’s show is like a surprisingly celebratory, non-normal nuptial formal… and so is the baby. What does this mean? Check out this show and it will make sense.

I got married! Sorry ladies, I’m spoken for. I’m hitched, bitch. It was a surprise wedding, disguised as a Second Chance Prom, that was also a fundraiser. So win-win-win!  We talk about the wedding, the prom, and show some photos and videos from the night.

In BEST TRENDS, a crying baby on a Southwest Airlines flight caused a grown man to flip out!  Find out what the phrase #SoIsTheBaby means. Warning, though… this guy’s rant needs some earmuffs for the little ones.

I got more money for y’all in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? I got a bunch of residual checks from different movies and shows I’ve been in, and I give the check to one of my lucky listeners. Who’s going to win this week? Check out the show to find out.

And we play a round of GOODWILL HUNTING as my co-host, Marcus Stamos, and I unbox gifts we got each other at a local Goodwill store. Marc decides to turn this game into his way of giving me wedding gifts. What did he get me? And is the gift I got Marc going to get him in trouble with Kid Rock?

Enjoy this week’s episode of COUNTRY-ish!

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