Ep. 168 – Intimate Unidentified Streaking Humans, Full of Love!

It’s Valentine’s Day! And I got y’all some cards. Stick around! Me and Marcus Stamos will read them to ya in our most romantic, sexy voices.

In Small Town Newsa “streaker” steals the show at the 16th hole of a Golf Tournament. We’re gonna watch that video and rank his performance.  Was he really a streaker?  We need to come up with a different name for a streaker that’s not completely nude.  And why was the golf event called the “Waste Management” tournament?

In our Best Trends segment, it’s all about UFO’S and our military shootin’ ‘em down.  Why are they here? What do they want?  And have any of our audience members ever seen one?  We bring in aircraft and military expert (and super friend of the show) Shane Flint to get us the information we need.

And I’ve got more money to give away! Audience members call in for a chance to win one of my Residual Checks.  How much is it?  It’s a pretty small check.  Who wins it?  And do they choose to keep the check or get something from my Mystery Grab Bag (box)?

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