Ep. 167 – Spy Balloons, Firefighters Set Breakfast on Fire, and Goodwill Hunting!

Welcome to Episode 167 of COUNTRY-ish.  And today’s show has lots of Zoomin’, tastes like Fettuccini, and is filled with Chinese Hot Air!

I’m on the road and have to Zoom into the show, but hosting duties are handled by Sebastian, Intern Isaiah, and the rest of the COUNTRY-ish crew.

In our Best Trends segment, we talk about the Chinese Spy Balloon! Why did it meet its end in Myrtle Beach?  And a special Happy Birthday to a friend of the show Garth Brooks!

In Small Town News, Intern Isaiah shares a story about a group of firefighters that set their own breakfast on fire.

Our friend Benny – who makes the Jon Reep Hot Sauce – calls in to share his own personal stories from the firehouse!

And today is Feb 7th… what Irrational National Holidays are being celebrated today? Happy National Periodic Table Day and National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!

And Marcus Stamos and Sebastian trade some gifts from our local goodwill in another installment of GOODWILL HUNTING.

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