Ep. 164 – Passion of the Classy COUNTRY-ish 2: Electric Boogaloo!

It’s National Classy Day.  So I try my best to look classy on the show. How did I do? And what other Irrational National Holidays are today?

I read a bunch of comments from last week and answer your questions, too.  Which leads us to talk about what type of jelly (or jam) is best with peanut butter for sandwiches? Is it Grape? Is it Strawberry? The debate gets pretty heated (not really).

We also play a little Show-and-Tell.  Sebastian brings in some sort of contraption… that’s for cutting dies? But it has a piece missing… so it’s pretty much worthless. And I show off some toys and newspaper ads from my days as a Dodge spokesperson. Is there something in the future coming from Dodge?

I made a TikTok video that’s got over 300,000 views… and it’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. But people are loving it. What’s the deal? And why does it make me kind of mad?

And in Best Trends, they’ve announced a PASSION OF THE CHRIST 2 so, of course, we have to talk about movie sequels and how “Electric Boogaloo” is a requirement to add to the end of any movie title.

This episode is a classy, intimate step back-in-time. It’s like a glamour shot.

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