Ep. 162 – Inflatables Under Attack, Yellowstone’s Big Booty & Drinking Straw Day!

Today’s show is like a reindeer wearing bellbottoms, sipping on bullshit through a straw!

It’s National Drinking Straw Day… so suck on that!  Why do I not like drinking straws? And have you ever wondered what exactly is the size of my mouth? You’ll get to find out. What other Irrational National Holidays are today?

In BEST TRENDSYellowstone’s Lainey Wilson has her big, beautiful booty going viral. I hope it is contagious, ’cause it is Glory-Ass! And we put our COUNTRY-ish Artificial Intelligence to the test in coming up with a title for our segment to help attract more viewers.

In SMALL TOWN NEWSa group of local deer put out a “hit” on a woman’s inflatable reindeer. And I think they should be rewarded. Cause inflatables are pretty horrible.

And at the end of the show we take phone calls from the live audience as we play “Is It Legit or Bullshit?” I give out three stories of events that happened today (January 3rd)… although one of them is fake. Who can guess the fake story? Winner gets a free prize from the ever-expanded prize bucket.

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