Ep. 159 – A.I. Jon Reep, Dirty Nursery Rhymes, and Elon Musk Gets Booed!

What’s up, Bumpkins!? Another great show for you today!

In BEST TRENDS, Elon Musk gets booed at a Dave Chapelle show. Why? And I share some new headshots generated by Artificial Intelligence. Some of them are pretty cool… some of them, not so much.

Our young intern Isaiah is back! What updates will we get from our young Hayseed Gen-Z? And do we dare have him recite some Andrew Dice Clay-style dirty nursery rhymes? Watch and listen to find out.

It’s National Hot Cocoa Day… what other irrational national holidays are today? And have you picked out your Pathologist Pal? Today’s the day!

I’ve got more Screen Actors Guild residual checks for y’all. Listen as live audience members called in for a chance to win my money!

Today’s show is like a hot cup of cocoa served sunny side up!

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