Ep. 151 – Corn Whiskey Drinkin’ & Elmo Gets Violated

What Up Bumpkins? Welcome to episode 151 of COUNTRY-ish. Today’s show is like a shot of Fuzzy, Ferocious, Furry Firewater!

In BEST TRENDS, a mountain climber beats off a bear with his bare hands! The video we watch is pretty grizzly. Have you ever beat off a bear? Leave it in the comments for us.

Plus, I give away money to my live audience in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS’ GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? Audience members call in and chat and give their guesses on how much my check was for my work on JANE THE VIRGIN.

Also, Sebastian and I took a trip to Mount Pleasant, NC not long ago to visit Southern Grace Distillery and we did a little whiskey-tasting. How do I handle 130-proof corn whiskey? You have to see this.

And in SMALL TOWN NEWS, a Home Inspector was caught on camera masturbating with an Elmo doll. He was caught red-handed!

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