Ep. 148 – Hurricane’s a-Comin’!

Today’s show is gonna Rock You Like a Hurricane that’s blowing big rigs full of beer, lube, and dildos! In BEST TRENDS, Hurricane Ian is coming all over Florida. But then again, who hasn’t? Hope everyone is ready for the storm.

Also, Jimmy Fallon has a new hashtag #IUsedToThink. Tweet something funny or weird that you used to think and tag it with #IUsedToThink. Could be on the show! I was on Jimmy’s show one… we play the clip as proof.

Also, I got more money for y’all… so call in for a chance to win one of my Residual Checks. How much is it? IDK. Watch the show to find out.

Also, Marc Hunt is here! So we’re gonna unbox gifts we bought each other at a Goodwill in another edition of Goodwill Hunting.

And in SMALL TOWN NEWS, what do dildos, lube, and Coors Light all have in common? They all got plastered on the road after a bunch of different 18-wheelers crashed. I bet those were some slippery silver bullets.

Join me, actor/comedian Jon Reep, on my weekly show COUNTRY-ish, where me and my crew talk about the latest BEST TRENDS, share some SMALL TOWN NEWS, and play games with you guys, our live audience!