Ep. 147 – #NyQuilChickenChallenge, Way Beyond Meat, Residual Checks and Goodwill Hunting!

Join actor/comedian JON REEP and his studio crew for this week’s episode of COUNTRY-ish!

Jon’s trip to Naples, Florida turned out to be something! “Gingers Get In Free” to Jon’s standup shows might have to be revisited.

In BEST TRENDS #TimAllen makes a Joe Biden joke on Twitter and is taking some heat! Plus! What is the #NyQuilchickechallenge? What’s next Benadryl Mashed Potatoes?

And in SMALL TOWN NEWS, The COO of Beyond Meat bit a man’s face and ripped the “flesh” from the tip of the nose following a traffic incident. Officially making him the “Mike Tyson of Plant Based Foods”.

Jon’s giving away more money with another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK?  This time it’s an episode from Jon’s appearance on Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed on Comedy.TV.  Who’s the lucky winner?

Jon Reep and Marcus Stamos do a little unboxing of gifts they got each other from a local Goodwill store in this week’s GOODWILL HUNTING.  Jon’s gift has something to do with whipping up NyQuil Chicken… while Marc’s gift is perfect for regifting!