Ep. 141 – Shane Mauss, Monkey’s Blood, Trainwrecks & Jack Daniels Golf Cart Driving

Today’s show is like a sick monkey in a mossy mosh pit.

In BEST TRENDS, Jon talks about TRAINWRECK, the new Netflix documentary series about Woodstock ’99.  Trash everywhere, super hot, lots of naked people… this festival was a sh&#show!

Plus… #Monkeypox is trending, but Jon is more interested in talking about Monkey’s Blood!  Do you remember this from your childhood?  Could Monkey’s Blood be the way to cure Monkeypox?

Jon welcomes comedian SHANE MAUSS to the show to talk his first time on stage, messing with his audience, and his new ginger beard! Plus, Jon talks about Shane’s upcoming music, comedy, art and science festival, Mind Under Matter, in Raleigh NC (

In this week’s SMALL TOWN NEWS, Jon reports on a story of a Florida woman who was caught driving a golf cart on the interstate with an open bottle of Jack Daniels.  And now she’s a caddie for John Daly.

And finally, Jon and co-host Marcus Stamos trade gifts they got each other from a local Goodwill Store in a segment called GOODWILL HUNTING!  The gifts must be $5.00 or less and must mean something for the other person.  Who gave the best gift this week?

This week, Jon welcomes guest comedian Shane Mauss to the show! Join actor/comedian Jon Reep on his weekly show COUNTRY-ish, where he and his crew talk about the latest BEST TRENDS, share some SMALL TOWN NEWS, and play games with the live audience!