Ep. 138 – Schwarzenegger Face Farting, Daiquiri Day, Goodwill Hunting, and Man Kills Friend to Stop Him from Summoning Sasquatch

We have a sweet tasting, deadly, gassy show for you today!

Actor/Comedian Jon Reep is joined by Marcus Stamos, Intern Isaiah, Elliott and Mark to read some comments from last week’s show, talk about Jon’s time at the STAR WARS park in Disney World, and some recent shows.

In BEST TRENDS, it’s National Daiquiri Day!  How did the daiquiri get it’s name?  And Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the news for farting in somebody’s face while working on a movie.  Jon asks the question on everyone’s mind… did they deserve it?  And has anyone in his studio crew ever farted in someone’s face?

And as usual, Jon’s giving his money away.  He’s got more Residual Checks for some lucky listener to win.  Live viewers call in to guess the amount of Jon’s residual check from an episode of the sitcom RODNEY.

In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a man killed his friend during a fishing trip…. to stop him from summoning Sasquatch.  What? Why? How?  Jon explores this story, while also talking about the art of noodling for catfish.

In this week’s GOODWILL HUNTING Jon Reep and his co-star Marcus Stamos exchange meaningful gifts they got for one another at a local Goodwill store.  Will Jon be able to get in shape with his new gift?  And what exactly is Marcus supposed to do with his?