Ep. 135 – Paul Bunyan, Linda Skeens, Watchmen Isaiah, Residual Checks and Sexual Attraction to a Fence!

Today’s show is like a Folky Fence that Frolics at a Fair!  Join comedian Jon Reep and his crew for another episode of COUNTRY-ish!

In BEST TRENDS:  What do Wimbledon, the Jan 6th hearings, Ghislaine Maxwell, Watergate, and Truth Social all have in common? None of those will be talked about here!  Instead… it’s Paul Bunyan Day, and if you don’t know, you better axe somebody!   Plus, who is Linda Skeens?  We need to find this woman. All points bulletin for Linda Skeens!

Jon loves listening to his resident HAYSEED GEN-Z Intern Isaiah’s accent so he has him read classic narration from a movie.  This week, it’s the movie “WATCHMEN”.  Can Intern Isaiah pull off a dark, gruff superhero voice… or will Jon need to get involved and give him some acting lessons?

It’s time for someone to win Jon’s money in another exciting round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK?  This check is for ALL of Jon’s work airing in Germany!  So it should be a huge check, right?

And in SMALL TOWN NEWS, a woman is sexually attracted to a fence and loves it as a companion.  This is the same lady that married the Eifel Tower.  So Jon asks the important question: “Are you attracted to any inanimate object?”  The answer from someone in his studio may surprise you…